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But first, there is one question we'd like to address up front; it's more of an educational question.


Do I need security for my cell phone?


  • Would you mind if you knew someone was listening to all of your calls on your home phone?
  • Did you know that your cell can be turned on in the off position and the microphone will pick up your private conversations at home?
  • Did you know that your phone is sending its signal numbers out to wireless towers 24/7?
  • Did you know the only way to shut down your cell phone is to pull out the battery?
  • Did you know that our government listens to every cell conversation on Route #95?
  • Did you know that if you put your bank or credit card number into your cell that it stays there forever? All information the phone receives s put on record. There is no way to dump that info.
  • If you are leading a Company or responsible for other peoples money that information buck stops with you, for you to be a secure source.
  • Did you know that even the Bluetooth ear bud could be listened to with a scanner? Imagine someone standing in the street with a hidden scanner and transmitter you are most intimate calls can and are being routed to the internet, especially You-Tube.
  • Did you know that most of the world is building their infrastructure on Maxi WiFi because it is less expensive and less time consuming to bury land cables? These citizens use their Phone for paying utilities and other bills over their cell phone.
  • Ask a young computer engineer still in college what does he do all his work on, a laptop or a cell phone, they will tell you that lap tops are from the stone age. They have phones that are more portable, less expensive and handle all pictures, and recordings, documents, letters and forms all installed in the cell phone…You need to see the world is changing in front of your eyes.
  • That person that says he does not see the need for personal cell security does not understand the world he is living in today…

SecurDigital Support and Services standard questions below.


1. How, When and by Whom was SecurDigital, Inc. established?

SecurDigital was established on October 15, 2009 and is the master reseller for the The Genesis Key, Inc., domiciled in Dover, Delaware, a "C" corporation. SecurDigital 's charter is to support marketing, distributing and support for SecurVoice Privacy Edition at a local level. SecurVoice, is a completely new wireless communication solution and architecture which provides secure communications interoperability with any cell, satellite, walkie-talkie, or VOIP phone system. The Genesis Key, Inc. is owned by Bruce Magown and W. Steven Garrett.


2. What is SecurVoice Privacy Edition and how does it work?


SecurVoice Privacy Edition is a completely new wireless communication solution and architecture which provides secure communications interoperability with any cell, satellite, walkie-talkie or VoIP phone system. You can download the 38k Java app from our secure locations world-wide and follow the simple instructions to install. The Java app communicates directly with our SecurVoice Enterprise Server application as a hosted option or may be resident on your servers.

3. Which type and what make of phones can SecurVoice software work with?


SecurVoice software is application platform, operating system, carrier and device independent. SecurVoice software can run and interact with any device with standard API capabilities. The 38k Java apa sits on to of the operating systems.

4. Which carriers and operating systems will be supporting SecurVoice?


SecurDigital has targeted the major telecommuncation carriers as preferred partners for global distribution of SecurVoice. Carriers like T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, British Telecom, O2, Telfonico, Telemex, Docomo, Iridium Satellites, Global Star Satellites are being contacted and discussion is underway.


SecurVoice is currently operational on the Blackberry RIM operating system; OS 4.5 and up. Software porting is underway for the following operating systems: Symbian, Brew, Windows Mobile 6.5, Google, iPhone and others.

5. How do I get SecurVoice installed in my phone and how much will it cost?


From the SecurDigital home page,, you can select to go to SecurDigital App World,, to browse or preview different applications or go directly to Order Process and Documentation,  On this page, just follow the steps (dependent on what your citizenship status is) and proceed done the steps for credit application, customer registration, payment and download.


6. At what stage of development is SecurVoicel software?


SecurVoice currently supports the Blackberry 8830, 96xx, Tour, etc. running OS version 4.5 and up. Mobile Phone platforms currently being ported to are Symbian, Brew, Window Mobile 6.5, iPhone and Google


7. Who and what are the backgrounds of the SecurDigital, Executive Management.

SecurDigital executive management are as follows:


Bruce Magown, Founder, CEO, Treasurer


Mr. Magown is CEO of Integration Technologies, Inc., a multi-tenant integration platform for SaaS application which provides complete integration Solutions – as a Service ( InterWeave integrates CRM, Finance, ERP, eCommerce, Subscription-based billing and Telephony applications with Web Services Databases, etc., for customers in configurable form. Additionally, Mr. Magown served as the Vice President of the Strategic Alliance of Sun/Netscape and built Netscape Professional Services to over $200m in four years.


W. Steven Garrett, Founder, Chairman of the Board, Secretary


Mr. Garrett founded The Genesis Key, Inc. while working to solve communication challenges for another business of his: PGC Consortium (  He brings over 40 years of deep business experience and being CEO of public companies.  He has been involved in directing leading edge technology Start-up Companies; providing Executive and Financial Guidance, Marketing, and Sales Management, Corporate Strategic Planning, Systems Organization, Security and Efficiency development.


8. Who is the target customer for SecurDigital License today, and then within 2 years, and then 4 years?


SecurVoice is addressing two distinct customer segments; Federal and State, and the Consumer. In the Federal and State initiative, SecurVoice will attain both secret and top secret clearances from the U.S. Government. In the Consumer marketplace, the SecurVoice Privacy Edition has targeted the Healthcare, Legal and Financial Services.

9. At what level of funding is SecurDigital operating on; and are more funds needed, and the purpose of use.


SecurVoice is funded and backed by its management team to date. If you have an interest to invest in SecurVoice, please email or call Bruce Magown at 203-912-5532.  

10. Can SecurVoice interact with existing secure calling hardware, as in Sectera SME PEDs?

SecurVoice software is application platform, operating system, carrier and device independent. SecurVoice software can run and interact with any device with standard API capabilities. The 38k Java app sits on to of the operating systems

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